The Escape Hunt Experience is an adventure filled activity where you and your friends are given an hour to solve a mystery to escape out of the room.

Rated as the number 3 most popular activity in Singapore by Tripadvisor, along with the excitement that has been circulating around this activity, the Escape Hunt was definitely one of the must-do activities during my visit to Singapore.

The Escape Hunt Game in Singapore
The Escape Hunt Game in Singapore

Our pleasant experience started as soon as we arrived at The Escape Hunt, friendly staff welcomed us and gave us the instruction before we got into the room for a 60 minutes thrilling experience.

My partner and I received a briefing from our Game Master, Cheryl, about the exciting activity that awaited us: the advanced level mystery involving the murder of a businessman. Our mission was to solve the identity of the murderer before the bomb hidden in the businessman’s house explodes within the hour, clearing away all the evidence.

Games can be played from groups of 2 to 5 people, and the place provides 6 different rooms, each of them having a different theme. For those who are looking for a very intellectually challenging experience, you can opt for the Advance Room. We actually got in that one as all the other rooms were fully booked and we did not make any reservation in advance.

We assumed our role of Sherlock Holmes as entering in the room and the clock started ticking away. Locked in the small room, we turned the place upside down for clues, literally leaving no stones/tables/chairs unturned.

A red light and the chilling background music will make you feel being in a thriller movie and every little clue you find makes you feel like a real detective.

The Escape Hunt Experience in Singapore
The Escape Hunt Experience in Singapore

After 60 minutes our investigation with the precious help of our Game Master led us to find keys and codes to unlock doors and get out in time resolving all enigmas! I can not lie and have to admit that we had to call our “Game Master” a few times to ask for help, losing one minute of our precious time every time we called.

To be honest the advance level is extremely challenging without any previous experience of Escape Hunt. My advice is to not start with the advance room, unless you played similar games before. Regardless, it was a lot of fun and a great intellectual challenge. We felt like I had just sat through a difficult exam with a friend, but one that I truly enjoyed doing and came out very happy and proud with the results.

After the game, you are invited to a photo session where you will be dressed up and equipped with all the necessary detective gadgets. The staff also gives you a photo that you can bring back home as a remembrance of your adventure. You can also seat in their lounge area enjoying teas and refreshments after the game.

The Escape Hunt Experience in Singapore
The Escape Hunt Experience in Singapore

Be it for a team-building activity, or simply an activity to fill in your afternoons or your holiday, The Escape Hunt Experience has the perfect recipe to challenge and entertain you at the same time.

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By Uriel.

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