For many of us in the Western Hemisphere, Christmas is associated with snowflakes, cosy fires, church carols, and presents. This year, why not try something different and bless your family with the gift of experience rather than material goods? Instead of nutmeg, try a fresh coconut, rather than Christmas Carols, experience a Kecak Fire Dance, and in place of sled rides in the snow, go snorkeling in the sea! A tropical Christmas full of cultural immersion and adventure offers a profound opportunity for family bonding and the creation of memories never to be forgotten. To show your children that experience is far more valuable than material objects, try these fun family oriented activities to create a Christmas like no other on the tropical island of Bali.

1. Become a Sea Walker

How to have a Tropical Christmas in Bali
Sea walking in Sanur

Christmas is a time not typically associated with underwater activities in the tropics, but if you are going to leap out of the norm, why not take it a step further and join a Sea Walking Tour in Sanur. Walking the sea bed as an astronaut might walk the moon is a fun and memorable activity for the whole family. With your head enclosed in an oxygenated glass dome, you can breath normally and feel free of the cumbersome equipment associated with scuba diving. Plus, you get to feel like an underwater astronaut and you can’t beat that!

2. Stimulate the Imagination with a Pirate’s Bay Bounty Hunt Game

How to have a Tropical Christmas in Bali
Pirate Bay Bounty Hunt

Instead of trying to guess the contents of presents under the tree, why not morph into pirates and unravel the mystery of Pirate’s Bay Bounty Hunt Game. Equipped with a pirate bay, a treehouse full of nooks and crannies, and even a zip line, all of your senses will be engaged in this fun and unusual family activity. Everyone loves a treasure hunt, and what better way to spend Christmas?

3. Experience the Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre

How to have a Tropical Christmas in Bali
Devdan Show at Nusa Dua

Although they evoke warmth and nostalgia, lets face it, Christmas Carols are boring! This year, why not enjoy a dazzling performance of the Devdan Show at the Nusa Dua Theatre. Complete with the elements of fire and water and inspired by Indonesian culture, the show features acrobatic dance journeys from Java, Borneo, and Papua. The show is truly unique, culturally diverse, and visually vibrant in a way guaranteed to make Christmas in Bali memorable!

4. Take a Workshop and Learn a New Skill

How to have a Tropical Christmas in Bali
Fruit Carving Workshop

An enduring gift to oneself and the whole family is to develop a new craft and watch your family grow together. Ubud is abundant in options, so much so that you may have to play a game of “rock, paper, scissors” to decide between a Silver Making Class, a Home made Beauty Product and Massage workshop, becoming a Balinese rice farmer for a day, making your own perfume, or learning about mask carving, Balinese Batik making, Traditional Balinese Painting , Sacred Balinese Offerings , Lontar Weaving, Fruit Carving , Balinese Dance, Bamboo Carving, Stone Carving, Wood Carving, Ceramics, or Photography. The options are endless!

5. Experience Nocturnal Animals Under the Stars

How to have a Tropical Christmas in Bali
A Night at the Bali Zoo

A visit to the Bali Zoo at night is an unforgettable way to spend Christmas Eve in Bali. Dramatic fire performances and an opportunity to dine beside an open air lion enclosure is a special chance to photograph and interact with wild animals. Exotic species such as the Borneo Bear Cat, a Scaly Python, and a Sumatran Sinyulong freshwater crocodile can be seen nowhere else and are particularly enchanting at night when the zoo truly comes alive!

Exploring new crafts, becoming a pirate, interacting with wild animals under the stars, breathing on the ocean floor, and witnessing the wonders of the Devdan show are unique and memorable experiences that will make this Christmas come alive for years to come. Step out of convention and into the wild for a tropical Christmas in Bali, and create memories to become the substance of animated family story telling for years to come!

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