So we set our feet back in Ubud, it never gets old here. A cooler climate, pristine greenery, beautiful rice terraces, friendly smiles, aah.. it’s so relaxing. 

Ubud Ceramic Workshop - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1896
Rice fields in Ubud on the way to the Ceramic workshop, Bali

Not only famous for its food culture, there are tons of activities that you can do while in Ubud; from a very active one, to a mellow, even pampering ones.

Ubud Ceramic Workshop - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1890
Ubud Ceramic Workshop – Ubud – Bali

But today we’ve scheduled ourselves for a more meditating encounter: a ceramic workshop, and of course more culinary experience after that! We managed to find this very homey, non-commercial ceramic studio just a little bit outside of central Ubud.

Ubud Ceramic Workshop - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1894
Ubud Ceramic Workshop – Ubud – Bali

The owner is a very nice lady, she’s from Switzerland, but has been living in Indonesia for 18 years. Suzan Kohlik is married to a Balinese, they have a beautiful teenage daughter. Being family-oriented, the workshop was just real cozy to work in.

Ubud Ceramic Workshop - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1889
Ubud Ceramic Workshop – Ubud – Bali

Suzan has been working with ceramics for as long as she could remember. When asked how long she has been involved with it, she put a serious face and said, “a hundred and fifty years. And until today, I never get tired of it.” ending the sentence with a big grin on her face. I could immediately tell that we’re in really good hands.

Ubud Ceramic Workshop - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1888
Ubud Ceramic Workshop – Ubud – Bali

Being an artist, she has her own unique style. Her ceramic displays on the shelves in the studio are gorgeous, I think they’re definitely something that most people would love to have in their homes. Her work is somehow contemporary asiatic to me, it’s like you can feel that she’s been around a lot.

Ubud Ceramic Workshop - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1893
Ubud Ceramic Workshop – Ubud – Bali

The class started with Suzan explaining to us for the various hand-building techniques: pinch, coil and slab. The pinching method is done by pinching the clay into a shape that you want, coiling is done by placing coils along the edge of the foot, while slabs are rolled out clays put together into certain shape.

Ubud Ceramic Workshop - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1892
Ubud Ceramic Workshop – Ubud – Bali

It was very interesting for me, we even got to get on the wheels, turning the clays like what Demi Moore did in the Ghost movie. In the end, we ended up with 2 bowls and 2 big mugs, all made and painted by our hands. We were so proud.

Path to the Babi Guling at Ibu Oka restaurant in Ubud, Bali. Follow the pig ^^

After a satisfying meditating time with the clays, we continued our journey for a late lunch at Babi Guling Ibu Oka, a famous suckling pig restaurant.

Suckling Pig - Babi Guling - Oka - Ubud - Bali - eOasia 1901
Nice lady cutting some pieces of a delicious suckling pig. Babi Guling  at Ibu Oka!

The pork was so fragrant with spices, juicy and tender big pieces of meat. Oh Ubud.. What a wonderful time.

Babi Guling - Suckling Pig - Ubud - Bali - eOasia
Here you go: rice, balinese spices, green beans, coconut shavings, blood sausages, juicy meat and crispy skin!

By Marianne

Chiang Mai eoasia

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One thought on “We tested for you Ubud Ceramic Workshop

  1. I did the ceramic workshop while i was visiting Ubud , annd i quite enjoy the. Session. Ssuzan did give a lot of useful tips and she patiently taught me the whole process from choosing the raw material, how we could mold it into certain shapes, and finally decorating the cermaics.
    Ik. Looking forward to have another session with Suzan the next time i visit Ubud.

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