A huge maritime trade center and one of the key business hotspot in the world, the special administrative region of Hong Kong is viewed more as a place for ambitious investors rather than casual tourists. It’s indeed easy to overlook the potential of the « Fragrant Harbor » as a holiday destination; however, the city offers a great combination of activities that will make your stay one to remember. Thankfully, we are here to do « The Pearl of the Orient » justice and invite you to discover the 10 best things to do in Hong Kong!

 1-Admire the amazing skyline of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

Reach the highest point of Hong Kong at 552 meters above sea level to discover an incredible view over the city’s skyline. This is really a must-do for first-timers and a place where locals love to come back to admire the downtown and the harbor. The attraction is featured in this great attractions’ monthly pass as well as most of guided tours.

Hong Kong Attractions Pass and Guided Tours
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Attractions Pass and Guided Tours.

2- Discover a new city by night.

If you think Hong Kong is spectacular on daytime, wait until the sun sets and discover how wonderful the lights of the city can be. Take a night tour in an open-top bus and let the magic unfold before your eyes. City’s night-life also features a symphony of lights from Tsim Tsa Tsui promenade, known to be the world’s largest permanent light and sound show. Truely grandiose!

Bus Night Tour in Hong Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Bus Night Tour.

3-Experience shopping at Temple Street Night Market.

The visit of this street bazaar located in Jordan and Yau Ma Tei areas in Kowloon is another popular night-time activity that features hundred of open-air street stalls called « dai pai dong ». There you can buy cheap clothes, electronic devices, antiques… and bargaining is all part of the fun while shopping in Hong Kong.

Shopping at Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong.
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Shopping at Temple Street Night Market.

 4-Take on a culinary wanderwalk.

Since you are in Kowloon, why not trying the local food? Foodies already know that Hong-Kong offers an interesting culinary scene, and here is their chance to really go local and taste some of the finest dishes that Hongkongese cherish. Grab your chopsticks, go!

Food Tour in Hong Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Food Tour.

5-Enjoy a party tour in the city with fellow night owls…

Now you might want to get a sense of the city’s parties and clubs during your Hong Kong trip and this is exactly what you will get by taking on this Pub Crawl Nightlife Tour that brings you every Thursday nights in different alley ways, hidden rooftops and secret doors of Hong-Kong, so clubbing doesn’t rhyme with routine.

Party Nightlife Tour in Hong Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Party Nightlife Tour.

 6-… or a day of fun and sun on a party boat!

If you would rather party on a boat, that’s not a problem as creativity in Hong Kong is limitless when it comes to having fun. You will be offered the opportunity to book a party boat and bring 44 of your friends with you for the day. Reach beautiful spots, enjoy stunning views of Hong Kong’s shoreline and swim around your private boat while the music plays.

Party Boat in Hong Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Party Boat.

7-Learn about the city’s ancient history.

There is a facet of Hong Kong we have yet to mention but should definitely be part of your Hong Kong holidays: the vibrant history. You have the occasion to take a Heritage Tour and learn about HK’s rich heritage, visiting its greatest museums and historical places reminiscent of this great past. You will get to know how the city was built by the clans considered the founding families of Hong Kong.

Heritage Tour in Honk Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Heritage Tour.

8-Bring your family to Disneyland.

The magic of Disney is also available in Hong Kong where the world renowned attraction park is open since 2005. It won’t disappoint families and kids all of ages who will be able to immerse in fantasylands where Disney stories come to life and adventure lands reminiscent of Asian jungles. The park is quickly becoming a classic among all tourist attractions in Hong Kong.

Disneyland Package Hong Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Disneyland.

9- Watch horse-racing at Happy Valley.

This is a very glamorous experience in one of the city’s world-class track and the perfect place to witness the craziness of gamblers. Hongkongese love the thrill of gambling and you will be amazed by horse-racing fever running through the crowd. Epic and intense!

Horse-racing in Hong Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong.

10-Get high in the sky for unmatchable perspectives of Hong Kong.

If your budget allows you to book this complete helicopter tour experience, you will offer yourself a unique view over Hong Kong and the region, including Lantau Island and its Big Buddha. This is the ultimate way to discover the city and capture impressive images during your Hong Kong holidays.

Helicopter Tour in Hong Kong
Top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong. Helicopter Tour.

If Hong Kong remains a business oriented city, we like to think this list of tours and activities is proving that it is also a great place to party, learn, and immerse in the lifestyle of southern Asia. Among the countless things to do in Hong Kong we’ve selected some attractions that are waiting for you right now and should give you a better idea of what HK is all about! Yet the simple fact of wandering in Hong Kong streets will provide fun and unexpected adventures to travelers while its unique architecture is a source of unlimited wonders for city-lovers and photographers. So if you stop by Hong Kong, make sure that you don’t pass on the opportunity to turn your stay into a fun experience!


By Thibaud.

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