Bali as a major touristic destination has a  great selection of activities to offer. This makes it a perfect location to create bonds with your colleagues while enjoying some of the best things to do in Bali. All these activities can be done with your team, colleagues, friends, or even with your family, we guarantee that everyone will have a lot of fun and feel closer to each other after such a fun time!

  1. Volkswagen Safari & Ayung River Rafting

Enjoy your teambuilding activity in style! You and your team will be driven around Bali villages in the most fashionable vintage Volkswagen jeep.

Do remember to put on your Panama hats and Raybans, without forgetting some sunblock, while you and your colleagues discover the beautiful Bali villages in your convertibles.

While looking cool, you’ ll be brought into a cultural trip passing in between mountainous landscape and rice fields, get an insight on the Balinese culture while interacting with the locals, and show off your traveller skills.

After the glamorous tour of Balinese villages, it will time for a more adrenaline inducing activity, get ready for a river rafting at the famous Ayung river, the best way to create bonds while on your team building trip.

Here, your team will be treated to even more scenic views as you paddle across breathtaking waterfalls and past the dense tropical jungle surrounding the river.

For a fun team building activity that will definitely be hard to top, this will be your answer.

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Volkswagen Safari and Ayung River Rafting
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Volkswagen & Rafting Safari.
  1. Village Cycling in the Country Side

Cycling in Bali is definitely one of the most popular activities that can be done to appreciate Bali’s rich nature and its landscapes.

We have specifically handpicked one all-inclusive cycling activity, perfect for a team building exercise.

Before the start of your cycling, your team will be invited to admire a stunning view of the rice terraces, while being introduced to the famous Luwak coffee after which you’ll enjoy a Balinese breakfast while overlooking the majestic Mount Agung and Mount Batur.

This thrilling cycling is one of the most fun team building activities for you: it’s adrenaline boosting, scenic, and offers a great exercise that will re-energize you for the next three months!

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Cycling Tour in Bali
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Biking downhill from Mount Batur.
  1. Paintball

This is the only activity where you get the chance to shoot at your bosses and get away with it, for fun of course! 😉

Paintball is more than just that, it is an exciting game that requires some skills and strategy, a perfect way to bond with your team!

Be equipped of camouflaged uniforms, masks, goggles, and of course guns to ensure that you are fully equipped for your paintball activity in Bali.

You will be brought through an authentic jungle village in Jimbaran, where the place has been transformed into a battle field with plenty of bushes, bunkers, etc.

The winning team is most of the time the one with the best strategy, this is time to show off your communication skills, a great way for team bonding.

Exciting and strategically challenging, this is one teambuilding activity every one needs to try!

Please note paintball in Bali is also available in Nusa Dua and Ubud areas. More Info here!

Paintball in Bali
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Paintball.
  1. Treetop Adventure

Treetop Adventure takes place in the beautiful Botanical Garden of Bedugul. While climbing in the trees and going through some thrilling adventure, you and your colleagues will definitely escape from work for the entire day.

As the name suggests, all activities will be done on the treetop. Activities include suspended bridges, spider nets, Tarzan jumps, flying-fox, flying swings from atop trees 2-20 metres high.  Meanwhile at the “treebottom”, a team of very professional guides will ensure that your activities will run safe and smoothly.

A great way to spend a perfect outdoor team building, passing trees to trees like Tarzan, this adventure will swing into your mind for long!

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Treetop Adventure in Bali
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Treetop Adventure.
  1. Dragon Safari

Spend a fun day with your colleagues at the famous Bali Safari & Marine Park, and end the day with a splash at the water park.

The Dragon Safari tour is filled with interactive and exciting activities suitable for all ages. Your team will start the day with some encounters of close to 1,000 different freshwater species at the Freshwater Aquarium.

Once you’re ready, you will head down for an up-close and personal safari experience to meet the Rhinoceros, spot the hidden Tigers, and discover if the Zebra is actually black with white stripes or the other way around! A must-visit in Bali.

This is just the beginning of the day, be ready for more interaction while enjoying a delicious Balinese feast, followed by a talented animal show.

Orang Utan, Elephants and Cockatoo will be performing alongside Bali’s most talented dancers in a performance produced by internationally acclaimed director and producer, Bali Agung.

Enjoy a fun team building activity, suitable for everyone!

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Bali Safari and Marine Park
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Safari and Marine Park.
  1. Perfume Workshop

Have a truly unique and fun team building activity during a perfume workshop in Jimbaran.

On this day, your team will learn about fragrances and perfume conception, awaking their senses.

Guided by highly skilled and professional instructors, you will discover the olfactory families and how the Indonesian archipelago is home to various natural essences. Even better, each and every single one of you will get the chance to design its own fragrance!

This is a great team building exercise, especially for those having an interest in the beauty industry. One of the best workshop in Bali!

More Info here.

Perfume workshop in Bali
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Perfume workshop.
  1. Cruise Charter to Lembongan Island

Spend your corporate team building day aboard of a luxurious yacht, sailing into Bali’s pristine waters.

Famous for its crystal clear water and colorful coral reefs, Lembongan island offers so much natural wonders that will spoil you and your team throughout your private sail. You may opt to snorkel, kayak towards the white shore, or even have a banana boat in the middle of the sea!

There is even an underwater viewing chamber in the yacht to ensure that your team will get to enjoy Lembongan’s beauty from all angles.

Lunch will consist of BBQ, either on the beach or aboard the yacht. After which, you can simply chill by the sea, or challenge your colleagues in some team building games such as a beach volleyball.

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Catamaran Cruise to Lembongan Island.
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Catamaran Cruise to Lembongan Island.
  1. Cooking Class & Food Tour

People love to bond over food. Have you heard about that before?

Known as one of the best thing to do in Bali, you could get the opportunity to make your team building day a tasty one!

Your team will start the bonding activity with a visit to the local wet market. This is where you and your team will be in charge of finding the best ingredients, do try to negotiate with the local and show off your negotiation skills!

Skilled and professional instructor/chefs will give you an insightful tour in the market, which is also an enriching experience for discovering the lives and cultures of the locals.

Together with your team, you will create your own Balinese coconut oil and spice paste, two of the most essential ingredients for making a good Balinese cuisine, while sipping some aromatic Balinese coffee at the side.

Take part to one of the best cooking classes in Bali, learn new recipes and enjoy one of your tastiest Indonesian lunch with your team.

More Info here.

Food Tour and Cooking Class in Bali
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Food Tour & Cooking Class.
  1. ATV Riding + Dirt Biking + Horse Riding

Spend a day in the Yeh Gangga beach with your team while doing an activity of your choice!

If you are feeling more adventurous, opt for the ATV Riding or Dirt Biking. You will ride your way along Bali’s black sand beaches, through rice fields and towards the scenic cliffs for a panoramic view of Yeh Gangga beach.

However, if you are thinking of something more relaxing instead, you may opt for the Horse Riding activity while having a peaceful ride along the scenic beach and rural villages.

This location will offer you a good choice of outdoor team building activities for the tastes of everyone.

With Bali’s stunning landscape, this is one activity that will cater to different preferences and definitely makes up for a memorable team building experience in Bali!

More info:  ATV Riding  Dirt Biking  Horse Riding

ATV riding in Bali
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. ATV Riding.

       10.  Underwater Seawalk + Rafting

This is one team building exercise for the adventurous ones!

With your colleagues, raft through Bali’s most scenic river-rafting route at a challenging grade 3-4. You will paddle through waterfalls and raging rapids, a truly thrilling and exciting experience guaranteed!

Make the most of Bali water activities by exploring the beautiful underwater lives of Bali’s ocean, during the second part of the day.

The only equipment you will need is a special helmet that allows you to breathe normally while underwater. Suitable for both swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

This is definitely one of the most adventurous ways to bond with your colleagues! Not only adventurous, this is truly an activity that will make you see Bali from a different perception.

Underwater Walk and Rafting Package in Bali
Top 10 Team Building Activities in Bali. Underwater Walk and Rafting Package.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this selection, do let us know if we can be of any further help to organize your dream team building in Bali.
You can also come to enjoy these exciting activities with your friends, colleagues or families, a lot of fun guaranteed!

Please note, that all these activities are initially designed for individuals, but can be arranged for your own group on request. Contact Us!


By Uriel.

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    1. Such a good idea! We recently helped a company do a company building with this activity: they were very excited about it: “Loved my rafting experience, and the yellow VW which took us there made us feel like royalty! We visited a village en route, along with a beautiful temple, and were lucky enough to see a local village celebration on the way back too. Rafting was excellent, and our guide was a lot of fun. The rapids were suitable for everyone.”

      We transferred your request to our happy customer team, they will be delighted to help you organize the best trip for your company!

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