Discover the underground city-state by night.

Singapore has not only its F&B scene to envy, a recent boom in the speakeasy bars makes the city-state even more interesting to visit by night.

  • The Library

What better way to spend your Friday night than to be in a library! I am talking about The Library Bar, a bar perfectly hidden through a small door dissimulated behind a bookcase.

Knowing where is this library is not yet enough, you will still need to mention a password to your “bookseller”.

Inside the dimly lit bar, you will find a collection of super quirky cocktail options that are presented in the most interesting ways, and taste equally impressive as well.

How to join this uber cool secret gathering? Click here to start.

So do your study, and you’ll be rewarded 🙂

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. The Library Bar.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Courtesy of the Library Bar.

  • 28 Hong Kong Street

There is no bar in Singapore that encapsulates the saying “it’s the inside that counts” better than 28 Hong Kong Street.

Although this is a speakeasy bar, the address made talk of herself as a pioneer of the speakeasy bar industry in Singapore. We had no idea what to expect when greeted by its humble exterior, but once you will step into this classy 1920s American style bar, you’ll start feeling that you are getting to know the hidden face of Singapore by night.

The service is superb, and the head barman (also the General Manager) has come up with an ingenious menu of bespoke cocktails that makes choosing a very difficult thing to do. Our recommendation (if I can remember correctly from the night) will be for the Clark County Cousin, which is a concoction of an infused Laphroaig, Bourbon and peach marmalade.

Later on, I found out that the bar is rated as one of the top 50 bars in the world.

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. 28 Hong Kong street.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. 28 Hong Kong street.
  • Spiffy Dapper – “Darn good drinks at a dodgy ol’ hideaway”

We stumbled across this bar on a Saturday evening at 6pm. The vibe of the bar is laid back and you can feel the Jazz Age influence from the 1920s. As it was early, the bar was still quiet and the staffs were getting ready for the night; it was the perfect opportunity for us to talk to the staffs about the drinks they have in store. I had Hibiscus-infused Tequila, it was strong and extremely tasty! Highly recommended and highly addictive too!

Around 10pm, the bar got crowded with a bunch of friendly people in a totally underground atmosphere where everyone gathers around the DJ playing some funky electronic music. We kept ordering more and more cocktails while the secret party went on until about 2AM.

Definitely one of the most unique bar experience I had in Singapore. A must visit!

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. The Spiffy Dapper.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Courtesy of the Spiffy Dapper
  • B28

Premium single malt whiskies? Checked. Fine wines? Checked. Craft beers? Checked. Classic cocktails? Checked. Live jazz music? Checked! If you’re in search for that perfect gentlemen’s club, think no further and head down to B28.

B28 is an underground bar, literally. Located at a basement in Ann Siang Road, the elegantly design bar is the perfect place for a relaxing night of exquisite whiskies and jazz music. Its selection of whiskey is so impressive and the live jazz performance is also the best in town, with a group of undeniably talented musicians led by a powerful vocalist.

Make sure you dress up, and prepare yourself for some swaying good time!

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. B28.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. B28 photo courtesy.
  • Kilo Lounge

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Kilo is peacefully located by the Kallang river, the perfect place for those seeking yummy food in a super cozy setting.

At night, Kilo’s more outgoing alter ego emerges, at the 8th floor of the building the place is transformed into a warehouse party, while the Kilo Kitchen is at the 2nd floor. Drinks range from $16 and up each.

Do look out for their pop-up series parties, also known as Kilo After Dark, where their guest DJs bring you some of the dopest deep house music.

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore . The Kilo Kitchen
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore . Courtesy of the Kilo Kitchen.
  • Horse’s Mouth

Hidden behind a curtain, and then behind a door from the Uma Uma Ramen restaurant, you will eventually find yourself in this Japanese minimalist designed bar.

In the Horse’s Mouth, you are guaranteed an entertainingly good time with their premium selections of whiskies, accompanied by the very quirky and funny bartenders who take their mixes very seriously! Just tell them what you’re in the mood for, and you will have some of the tastiest cocktails prepared perfectly to your palate.

If you are looking for a merrily good time, this unorthodox bar is just the exact place for that! Kanpai!

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore . Horse's mouth
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore . Courtesy of Horse’s mouth.
  • KOT Weekend Wine Bar

KOT Weekend Wine Bar takes place every last weekend of the month. During the day, KOT is a wine importer that brings some of the best wines in town. At the end of each month, KOT treats wine enthusiasts to a tasting event, but with a twist!

Each event has its unique theme, with one of my favorite being the unconventional Wine & Hawker Food pairings. Such events are not only exciting to wine lovers, but definitely very informative as well.

For those who are interested, find out about their events on their facebook page.

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. KOT Selections.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Courtesy of KOT Selections.
  • Manor Cocktail Room

Manor Cocktail Room is located in Ann Siang Hill, a very popular and hence a crowded area for those looking for a night out. However, this bar has remained as one of the quieter ones, majorly owing to its well-hidden entrance.

On the 2nd floor above Gem Bar, you will find a cozy bar laid out in the style of the American Prohibition-era. This bar is also a venture by Din Hassan, a who’s who in the local bartending society. Every now and then, Manor Cocktail Room holds highly exciting events for all the cocktail geeks where Din Hassan does collaboration with fellow world-class bartenders to create the best drinks in town for the night.

An elegant and quiet place serving some of the best cocktails in town, located perfectly in one of the happening place in the island, what more can you ask for?

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Manor Bar.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Courtesy of Manor Bar.
  • Jekyll & Hyde

No one expects a Nail Salon to turn into this gem of a Cocktail Bar at night! Once the clock strikes 8PM, this Scandinavian designed place turned into an unusual bar serving some local goods-infused cocktails.

During my visit, I dared myself to some of the bar’s Poison 49, only to realize that its deadly effect is how addictive the mixes turned out. Some other successful, and definitely daring mix include cocktails using local ingredients such as Brand’s Essence of Chicken (highly popular supplements believed to increase concentration), and kaya (sweet creamy coconut jam made from coconut milk).

With its stylish design, friendly and talented mixtologists, and undeniably good cocktails, Jekyll & Hyde is one of the must-try speakeasy bars in Singapore.

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Jekyll and Hide.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Courtesy of Jekyll and Hide
  • Operation Dagger

A place like no other, Operation Dagger offers you a short list of in-house creation in a quirky apothecary atmosphere that will make you want to come back.

Sophisticated and elaborated recipes have been conceived to awaken your palates, while bottles at the bar are all hand-written as if you were in an alchemy laboratory, by the way they also use some fancy tools to prepare their cocktails.

If this is not enough for you, their up-beat nu disco grooves will send you to another space, of course the drinks are partly guilty too!

The place is not so easy to find, but ask the nice staffs from Oxwell & Co in Ann Siang Hill and they’ll show you the way. It really worths checking this place out, give it a shot!

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Operation Dagger.
Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore. Courtesy of Operation Dagger


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