If there is a place where parents shouldn’t have any problem keeping their children busy, it is definitely Singapore. The city is literally filled with entertaining options for kids. Educative, creative or recreational, the activities we’ve selected make for a perfect family-time or will allow you some free-time while your children are enjoying themselves. If you are familiar with what Singapore has to offer you might know most of them. Whether you are a Singaporean or a tourist, we’re confident you will be interested in discovering our selection of the 10 best things to do with kids in Singapore.

01 – Visit one the greatest zoos in the world

Our first suggestion might sound obvious but… ask your kids what they think of paying a visit to pandas, tigers, elephants. See that smile? That’s an excited kid right here! Singapore Zoo is a place you definitely can’t miss, with more than 2,800 specimens from over 300 species in a rainforest environment featuring a massive playground, it easily ranks as the best animal park in all Asia and is worth countless visits! Trust us and book your Singapore Zoo Admission Ticket here (it even includes transportation service).

Best things to do with kids. Singapore Zoo
The amazing Singapore Zoo

02 – Discover more fauna and flora during a trip to River Safari

More pandas, more birds, more species of every kind. The originality of this themed park is that you will bring your kids on a river trip and allow them to discover the wildlife of 8 rivers habitats (Congo, Ganges, Murray, Nile, Mekong, Mississippi, Yangtze and Amazon). More than 5,000 aquatic and terrestrial animals will surround you and you will even find the world’s largest freshwater aquarium before your eyes. That’s enough reasons to book a River Safari Park Admission Ticket we think (there you will have your transport included too).

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. River Safari Park.
River Safari Park Singapore

03 – Enter the amazing Marine Life Park of Singapore.

This is arguably one of the greatest parks you will find in Asia. Showcasing the world’s largest aquarium, the Marine Life Park will stun you with its unmatched reserves of aquatic species and an extremely diverse panel of activities. You will be offered to snorkel, interact with rays, visit a multi-sensorial museum, sleep next to the open ocean, play in a water park or try surfing…  Simply grandiose.

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. Marine Life Park
Singapore Marine Life Park

04 – Fulfill your thirst for knowledge in the Singapore Science Centre.

With more than 850 interactive exhibits spread over 14 galleries, this is a giant science centre where kids can discover the principles and many of the world’s mysteries while playing and having fun.  Countless attractions and themes are waiting for them, from dinosaurs to spaceships to medicine to mechanics, they will not even realize how much they learn. The place also hosts Singapore’s only IMAX dome theatre.

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. Science Centre
The Singapore Science Centre – Picture by www.kidsstop.edu.sg.

05 – Try a new sport: indoor body-flying!

This is basically a world premiere, as Singapore is the first place where you can find a wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. Your children will be able to conquer gravity in a safe environment and come back to earth having felt the thrill of free fall at wind speed of up to 300 km/h! This is available for kids from 7 years old and a flight certificate will be delivered at the end of the activity. You can book your First Timers’ Skydiving  Experience here.

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. Indoor Skydiving
Indoor Skydiving Experience

06 – Go on a Safari… by night!

This is a very unique opportunity to witness wild animals in their naturalistic night-time habitats. Bringing kids in this adventure will allow them to watch 2,500 animals (yes, you read that correctly) while riding a tram bringing them across 7 geographical zones of the world. Book your Night Safari Park and Tram Safari Ride Admission Ticket right here to unveil fascinating after-dark wildlife.

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. Safari by night
Safari by night

07 – Let the kids create their own fragrance.

Stimulate their senses and book this Perfume Workshop For Kids: “The Perfumer’s Apprentice”. It gives children the occasion to discover the world of perfumery while creating their own fragrance to bring home. A delicate moment that awakes kids’ olfactive memory and creativity and could reveal some talents!

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. Perfume workshop for Kids.
Perfume Workshop For Kids

08 – Bring them to the museum! (Yeah, really…)

Bringing kids to a museum can easily turn a family time into a disastrous day. Unless we’re talking toys museum! Singapore hosts one, called “Mint Museum of Toys”, that features more than 3,000 vintage toys and childhood memorabilia. A great occasion to show your kids who Popeye the Sailor and Astro Boy are!

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. Mint Museum of Toys
Mint Museum of Toys

09 – Bring them one step closer to Master Chef Junior with a Cooking Class.

With so many TV Shows involving very young chefs being broadcasted nowadays, you might have children at home tempted to try by themselves. You will find in Singapore a great way for your children to have fun while learning from a chef the measurements, science, and nutritional information that come with cooking. Kids will team up with other children to prepare some delicious Asian dishes and the parents are also welcome! It promises to be a great family time so book your Family & Children Cooking Class right here.

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. Family and Children Cooking Class.
Family and Children Cooking Class

10 – Get smart! Try the Escape Hunt experience

This one is for the teenagers (from 12 years) willing to leave their video-games for a minute to become the heroes of their own quest. They will be challenged to solve an enigma while personifying the great Sherlock Holmes and asked to operate as a team to succeed in their quest of unfolding the truth. This is an exciting, addictive, challenging, educational and -above all- fun adventure you should try by booking the Escape Hunt Experience here!

Best things to do with kids in Singapore. The Escape Hunt
Try the Escape Hunt Experience

This list of the 10 best things to do with kids in Singapore could easily be extended as new fun attractions open every day in “The Lion City”. If you haven’t tried them all already, we encourage you to bring your kids to one of those amazing places that we’ve picked for you. Many of them are featured in this great One Day Singapore Unlimited Attraction Pass. You will be rewarded with giant smiles and great memories.


By Thibaud.

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