5 Tips on How to choose your Bali Villa from an Industry Expert

The island of the Gods  boasts a variety of breathtakingly beautiful holiday villas, but how to choose your Bali villa? We are going to answer this question through 5 important points that you must consider before choosing your villa in Bali.

The tropical weather, lush vegetation, abundant beaches, eclectic night life, and affordable cost of living establish Bali as a mecca for luxurious villas that would be exorbitantly out of reach elsewhere. Although there are a wide array of options, choosing a villa in Bali is no easy task and it is best to consult with an expert that can help you navigate through finding the best rate, location, and style ideally suited to your needs. The process can be fun and exciting, especially when keeping in mind these five tips from an industry expert.

1 – Understand the location

How to choose your Bali Villa
Photo Credit to Villa Bali

Location is extremely influential on the range of rates for villas in Bali. If being central is not a priority, the fringes and countryside areas will offer better value. The best way to review your options thoroughly is to consult with a local expert. For instance, Villa-Bali.com has a team of experts that not only live in Bali, but have also traveled all over the island to select the best private holiday villas available. This personalised approach is sure to allow for an optimal choice without the stress and hassle of doing all that groundwork yourself.

2 – Choose your source of information carefully

How to choose your Bali Villa
Finding the right website to book your villa in Bali

Internet searches without local assistance can be a risky business. Due to the growing appeal of Bali and the continual building of new villas, construction noise can be an issue. Owners will, of course, tell you that their villa is the best and there is a good possibility that they will neglect to inform you of nearby construction! A popular search mechanism is TripAdvisor, however, anyone can create a listing, whether or not they actually own the villa or not, and fraudulent activity is a definite possibility online. Third party organisations often own the properties they are advertising and thus hold the same bias as villa owners. Trusting a company that specialises in your satisfaction free of favouring any particular property is the best way to go!

3 – Check recent reviews

How to choose your Bali Villa
Photo Credit to Villa Bali

As a tropical destination, villas in Bali experience a high occupation rate which means that deterioration can occur quickly. Particularly with more modestly priced villas, the owner may not have a large budget for renovations or even the desire to maintain the villa to appropriate standards. It is advisable to only trust recent reviews (4-6 months old maximum) and keep in mind that online pictures may be outdated. The optimal situation is to consult with an onsite team that has inspected the place recently!

4 – Make sure you are getting the best price

How to choose your Bali Villa
Make sure to book the right villa!

Due to Balis expanding popularity, local villa owners are continually inflating prices and often at an disproportionate rate. Booking platforms like Airbnb can be deceiving and incorporate booking fees that are not at first visible. If you making a last minute booking or intend to stay more than one week, it is wise to as for a discount as sometimes this is all it takes! However, securing your booking through a well-informed agent allows you access to more services. Agents such as Villa-Bali.com or Elite Havens even offer a free concierge service for clients as well as exclusive offers.

5 – Service: same same but very different

How to choose your Bali Villa
Photo Credit to Villa Bali

It is important to keep in mind that two similar-looking villas may offer a radically different experience depending on their respective levels of service. For example, meals are sometimes offered but quality can vary from a professional chef to a homestyle, sparsely prepared dish. Some villas are managed by fluent English speakers who can help you organise activities or even care for your children as needed. Limited English, on the other hand, can make simple requests overly challenging. Extra services and level of hospitality are not as easily advertised as location or other features of the villa. Consulting with an agent who knows the villa well can transform your experience with a fluidity and ease that will make the whole holiday more enjoyable.

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The villa you choose can make it or break your holiday! While online booking services may appear cheaper on the surface, they can hold many hidden costs and complications down the road. Securing your choice with a trusted agent is a secure way to minimise hassles and ensure you have the most indulgent and private base from which to explore the island. A villa that is perfectly suited to your needs will provide you with the holiday of a lifetime!

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