South Korea, a country rich in history and culture; its history has been around since a long while back in the dynasty era of Gojoseon, 2333 BC.

Insider’s Guide to Seoul and tips for South Korea
Traditional house door ar Bukchon Hanok Traditional village in Seoul, South Korea

After a lot of series of battles and invasions, South Korea was finally declared as Republic of Korea. Having its first president after the world war 2, South Korea was very much influenced by the United States. It has been developing speedily ever since, it also has very much been an influence to other countries nowadays.

Insider’s Guide to Seoul and tips for South Korea
Gangnam district at day time, Seoul, South Korea

Take “Gangnam Style” for example. Almost everybody must have heard this song sung by Psy, a korean singer, songwriter, record producer. His music video was a big struck all around the world in 2012. People were dancing Gangnam Style, even my 2 year-old niece and 62 year-old father. It was hilarious.

Gangnam itself is actually one of the local districts in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Being famous for its privileged schools and academies, Gangnam has grown into a wealthy area with high standard of living. The streets on Teheran-no and Gangnam-daero are full with restaurants, street food stalls, boutiques and all kinds of stores. Why not try for a Gangnam style food tour? You will sure find many interesting things you would love to put in your mouth! 🙂

Insider’s Guide to Seoul and tips for South Korea
Gangnam district at night time, Seoul, South Korea

Not just the food in Gangnam that are famous. South koreans lovee their meals. Everytime you come into a korean restaurant, remember not to order too much because they will always serve you these small appetizer dishes (banchan), just before your real meal. Some restaurants have a lot of banchan thats enough to make you full. If all these fascinated you, you should go ahead and try on some korean cooking classes. From the art of tea ceremony, kimchi making to korean barbeque cooking classes, there’re so much exciting things that you will learn and eat from these courses.

Insider’s Guide to Seoul and tips for South Korea
Korean food: Kochujang Chigae (Korean hot pepper paste stew), Seoul, South Korea.

Other than food, South Korea is famous for its entertainment lifestyle. Its television drama series, music that’s known more as K-Pop and other performances. Some korean drama series are so famous in Asia that you will see girls dressing and even styling their hair like the koreans they see in the films. People travelling to South Korea will also love to see where these series were filmed. Some series like “Boys Over Flower“, “Winter Sonata” and even an overall korean tv drama culture discovery tour are available to be discovered. A live music performance and Teddy Bear Museum would also definitely entertain the little girl in you. 😉

Insider’s Guide to Seoul and tips for South Korea
Seoul city view from Bukchon Hanok traditional village, Seoul, South Korea

Back to the country rich in history and culture, South Korea still has a lot of it to explore. Enjoy a full day tour at Gongju and Buyeo, visiting the national museum, temple and fortress.  Or take a tour to visit some part of the neighboring North Korea. Yes you can do this, but only with certified tours. You can also have a stroll at the Korean Folk Village with its over 260 traditional houses reminiscent of the late Joseon Dynasty. There are a lot of palaces in Seoul, you can also take a guided tour on the city’s historical places.

Insider’s Guide to Seoul and tips for South Korea
Traditional Building entrance at Bukchon Hanok traditional village, Seoul, South Korea

If it’s scenery that you’re looking for, South Korea is almost unbeatable for that. From island to island, and one mountain to another, it is sure to take your breath away. You have to especially visit the Jeju island, this beautiful island in the south is famous for waterfall, caves, volcano crater and village. Don’t forget that South Korea is also famous for their pottery works. They have a ceramic village where you can visit and learn to do pottery from. If making it is not your thing, you can always just shop it!

The great thing for girls, eOasia has this ‘Pamper Yourself and Shopping Experience‘. Yes girls, it is what it says, a special tour focuses on beauty treatment and shopping, you will be taken to the biggest beauty town complex in the world for skin care and treatments, and it’s a whole day of shopping after that. Life is beautiful, isn’t it!

Insider’s Guide to Seoul and tips for South Korea
Myeongdong Shopping District, Seoul, South Korea


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