5 Mind-blowing Drone Videos of Bali to See The Island on a Whole New Perspective

We will never have enough of Bali, this beautiful & magical Indonesian island, its mesmerizing rice-field terraces, contrasted beaches of white and black sands, colorful temples and unique Balinese architecture.

We have selected here a few drone videos of Bali that will let you observe the beauty and diversity of these landscapes. Either you are in Bali now, have been to Bali, or planning to visit Bali soon – you will see the island of the Gods on a totally different perspective through these drone videos, enjoy! 🙂

Note that 4 out 5 videos selected are on Youtube, as Vimeo is banned in Indonesia, only the last video is broadcast-ed on Vimeo.

drone videos of Bali
Bali Barat National Park, captured on drone – Photo Credit to capungaero (dronestagr.am)

Drone videos of Bali #1 – Surf trip in Uluwatu

Here’s a splendid drone footage from above Uluwatu’s coastline. Beautiful waves, lights and surf!

Drone videos of Bali #2 – From Mt Batur’s sunrise to Uluwatu’s sunset

This mesmerizing drone video shot by Bina & Francis, recounts their amazing road trip in Bali. It starts with a majestic sunrise view of the Mt Batur, shot from the Mt Agung. You’ll then be brought through rivers, waterfalls, rice terraces and beaches. The perfect itinerary in Bali!

Drone videos of Bali #3- Jatiluwih Rice Fields

Discover the Jatiluwih rice terraces as you’ve never seen them: from the sky. The video is a bit long, but the views are sensational.

And if you are planning to visit the Jatiluwih rice fields, here’s a good deal for a tour that we recommend.

Drone videos of Bali #4 – Bali by Drone -4K

Here’s another professional drone video of Bali, showcasing the beauty of the island of the Gods. An inspiring footage that will definitely make you want to go (back) to Bali!

Drone videos of Bali #5 – Bali and its surrounding islands by Michael Matti

Professional photographer, Michael Matti went on a Bali road trip and shot this incredible footage of Bali, and its surrounding islands.

Bali is an amazing place for photography tours, and if you do consider taking one, check out this photography tour bringing you into less touristy sites of Bali.

We hope you have enjoyed watching at those spectacular sceneries of Bali. Also, in case you would like to make a drone video yourself we advise you checking at the drone laws in Indonesia.

And if you don’t have a drone, you can always shoot from an helicopter 🙂


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