Looking for new ways to experience the Eastern world, whether it’s your first time in Asia or you’re practically a local, why not take to the skies and enjoy Asia’s breath-taking landscapes from the up high! If you’re craving an extraordinary view with the freedom of space and excitement from above, try these unbelievable ways to enjoy Asia from the sky that’s perfect for couples or adventure-seeking solo travelers.

1. Paragliding experience across beautiful Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Paragliding in Bali
Paragliding across Bali

Undoubtedly one of the best things to do when traveling to Bali is to experience paragliding and explore the landscape from the sky. Take the afternoon off to drift across the stunning Bali skylines over the clear blue sea of Pandawa beach and admire the island’s paradise-like beauty all around you. Try paragliding at the Timbis flying site, located in Nusa Dua, where you’ll be guided by a friendly instructor to fully experience the freedom and feeling of flying. It’s the perfect activity for solo-travelers just be sure to wear comfortable trainers instead of flip flops in case they fall off mid air! Take along your GoPro to capture the stunning sites to relive the thrilling experience back home. Book here to get your adrenaline pumping through.

Looking to paraglide over a city skyline? Experience the dynamic Kuala Lumpur from up high here.

2. Discover Phuket’s hidden beaches by Helicopter

Helicopter tour over Phuket beaches
Helicopter tour over Phuket beaches

For the avid explorers, taking a helicopter ride will not only leave you in awe over the unforgettable experience of being whisked away on a helicopter in Phuket over lush landscapes and clear blue waters but you’ll also have the opportunity to see some of Thailand’s best kept secret beaches, like Nai Yang and Nai Thon beach in just 10 minutes! Catch a glimpse of one of the most exclusive resorts or “the landmark in South East Asia – The Trisara,” as well as the world- famous Blue Canyon Golf Course along your fascinating ride. This is a must on your Asian bucket list. For a helicopter view of stunning Phuket, book here


3.  Explore Phang Nga bay’s beauty from the sky

Helicopter over James Bond Island, Phuket
Helicopter over James Bond Island, Phuket

This helicopter ride across Phuket is one that will blow you away. Glide across the majestic limestone formations and take a 30 minutes breath-taking journey far away to a place where cliffs tell their story through vivid colors and time stand as still as the pristine waters of beautiful Phang Nga bay. You’ll rise into a picturesque panorama view from the emerald bays to discover the Asia’s hidden beauty that can only been seen from a bird’s eye view. Alongside a comforting pilot, you’ll encounter the James Bond islands and the floating village, Koh Panyi, even more impressive than in the movies. Book here to enjoy the hidden beauty of Phang Nga by helicopter.  


4. Romantic cable car dining over radiant Singapore  

Cable Car Ride over Singapore
Romantic Cable Car Ride over Singapore

Dining in a cable car will be one of the most romantic dinners you and your partner will experience in Singapore, love really is in the air as sang by John Paul. Journey over the romantic city lights on a specially designed, floral decorated cabin arranged for a majestic intimate celebration. The exceptional treatment begins as soon as you arrive; enjoy welcome drinks and a red-carpet express boarding, to ensure your partner feels extra special. With a view of the vibrant Singapore from the sky, cable car sky dining is the perfect way to propose, celebrate special occasions, or simply show someone how much you love them. It’s advised to book in advance and check the menu before hand. Book a spot for two here.


5. Experience a luxurious trip across Hong Kong by top helicopter tour

Luxurious Helicopter tour above Hong Kong
Luxurious Helicopter tour above Hong Kong

Nothing compares to the exhilarating feeling of discovering the breath-taking
landscapes of Hong Kong than by a lavish flight-seeing helicopter tour. The roughly 45 minute journey begins at The China Clipper, an exclusive lounge located on the 30th floor of The Peninsula, offering spectacular harbor views and an alluring sense of luxury. Hover over the magnificent city and be greeted by vivid skylines. A pilot commentary of the area will be played, allowing you to sit back. Take in the grand surroundings and immerse yourself in the deluxe experience from a monumental perspective.

To experience the view below, book here.

Hong Kong helicopter tour
Hong Kong helicopter tour

These top activities to discover Asia from the sky will surely satisfy your craving for excitement and enable you to discover all that the eastern world has to offer, whether as a couple, the whole family or adventure-lovers.

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