10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali that won’t Leave you Hungry

Bali is quite literally a vegetarian foodie’s paradise. There are so many options, you could spend years eating at a new cafe every day, never visit them all, and still wake up each day and feel you have and died and gone to heaven! In addition to local Indonesian food, which has plenty of tofu and tempeh, there are a plethora of vegetarian and raw food bars scattered across the Island and we’ve picked out some of our favourites for you to treat your taste buds in. Here is our top 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Bali.

1/ Sari Organics – Ubud

Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Bali
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Nestled in the tranquility of the rice paddies, the open air restaurant Sari Organik is the perfect place for amazing food and a jaw dropping sunset. Everywhere you look there is vibrant green, and just footsteps away lies their farm, which supplies many of the dishes in a true farm to table set up. Dishes include grilled vegetable salad, tofu tempura salad, pizzas (both regular and non-dairy), pastas, kebabs, rice dishes and homemade sorbet. In addition to local beers, they also serve unusual homemade wines based on tropical fruits. If you are not feeling up to the stroll through the rice paddies, Sari Organik also has a second location in Penestanan, both in the Ubud area.

Daily : 8am- 8pm

2/ Alchemy – Ubud

Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Bali
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Recently renovated and better than ever, Alchemy offers a juice and smoothie bar, a vegan cafe and salad bar, a raw chocolaterie, a health store, a holistic clinic, and holistic retreats! Breakfasts at Alchemy are epic with bowls based on fresh fruit and delectable toppings to choose from such as chocolate goji berries, buckwheat granola, chocolate covered cashews, and coconut cream. Alchemy’s vision is to honour Mother Nature, promote healthy sustainable living, support healthy habits and well being, and to offer a space of inspiration and community awareness. It is certainly a hub for Ubudians, located in the village of Penestanan just on the outskirts of central Ubud.

Daily : 7am – 9pm

3/ Sage – Ubud

Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Bali
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A relatively new hangout, Sage offers vegan food with a Mexican flair. Carnivores will be surprised and do a double take at dishes like jackfruit tacos, which uncannily resemble meat in appearance. Also try their tempeh tacos and vegan ‘buffalo wings’ with a delicious chipotle. With a stylish interior and good vibes, Sage is just south of Monkey Forest, Ubud.

Daily : 11am – 10pm

4/ Seeds of Life – Ubud

Best Vegetarian Restaurant
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Seeds of Life is the only dedicated living foods restaurant in Ubud, where the food is mouthwateringly scrumptious and organically sourced through local farmers. Committed to helping us deepen our connection to ourselves, thrive in a healthy lifestyle, and consume foods vibrating with life force, Seeds of Life also offers Taoist Chinese tonics, a Raw Food Chef Certification, Raw Food and Yoga Retreats, Menu Consultation, Catering, Life Coaching and deep healing using Holographic Kinetics.

Daily : 9am – 9pm

5/ Beloved Earth Cafe – Ubud

Best Vegetarian Restaurant
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Beloved Earth Cafe is in a nourishing and tranquil area near Monkey forest in Ubud. Set amongst organic gardens with sheep, this consciously sustainable eco restaurant offers Indonesian and globally influenced cuisine with emphasis on organic and real food. A favourite is their ‘fondant au chocolat’ with organic cacao beans grown in their own garden. Their raw pizza topped with edible flowers is also amazing, as are their burgers, and a plethora of healthy food options that are kind to the Earth. They make their own coconut sugar, milk, and cream, and with the slogan “we can change the world, one bite at a time”, they are certainly on the path!

Daily : 8am – 10pm

6/ The Little Green Cafe – Kerobokan

Best Vegetarian Restaurant
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The Little Green Cafe is a cosy hideaway in busy Seminyak, offering healthy and daily changing salads, soups, spring rolls, or veggie burgers washed down with lassies, smoothies, aromatic teas, coffees, and juices, all of which are as locally sourced as possible. Dine under a shady mango tree, where pumpkin vines climb the wall and be soothed by the stone fountain. Also check out their whole food shop.

Monday – Saturday : 9am – 5pm

7/ Divine Earth – Kuta

Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Bali
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Divine Earth in Kuta is dedicated to 100% raw, organic and dehydrated gourmet cuisine. With dishes like eggplant and zucchini moussaka stack with cashew cheese melt, pasta with tempe “meatballs”, home-made almond bread with garlic pili nut butter, and cold-pressed juices, the adjective “divine” is certainly appropriate. Also connected to a yoga studio, Divine Earth is a great place to recharge in the Kuta-Seminyak area.

Daily : 7am – 11pm

8/ Samadi Bali – Canggu

Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Bali
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Samadi Bali is an organic cafe nestled within a yoga and wellness center in Canggu. Named an “organic kitchen lab”, the food is Indian inspired offering delights such as Indian pancakes and dosa with a variety of sweet and savoury fillings to choose from. If Indian food is not your thing, they also have gazpacho, a homemade mushroom burger, an eclectic salad bar, raw sorbets, smoothies, juices, decadent pots of chai, and an array of coffees to choose from. On Wednesday nights you can even pair a homemade vegetarian dinner with movie night! Be sure not to miss this special place, dedicated to “radical well-being and self empowerment”, you are bound to emerge somehow changed.

Daily : 8am – 3pm

9/ Earth Cafe – Seminyak

Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Bali
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Offering one of largest health food grocery shops in Bali, Earth Cafe supports health conscious eating in a wooden hut oasis of cosy cushions and a great atmosphere. Try their fresh juices, falafel wraps, scrambled tofu and sweet potatoes, or seitan schnitzels. Even the cooling ginger beer is served with edible cane sugar straws! Earth Cafe is a true oasis to revive yourself in bustling Kuta.

Daily :  7am – 11pm

10/ The Spicy Coconut – Seminyak

Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Bali
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The Spicy Coconut is “in love with fresh, healthy food” and they know how to show it! Their menu is “bursting” with fresh juices, smoothies, pancakes (yes, healthy ones), salads, burgers, and breakfast bowls which are on offer all day. The staff start out their day at the markets, so you know your meal will be fresh. A place to “treat your body and taste buds”, The Spicy Coconut is tucked away in a cute and tropical atmosphere, just 300m from the beach in North Seminyak.

Tuesday – Sunday : 8am – 4pm


It seems safe to say that nowhere else on Earth is there such a dense concentration of places that evoke words like oasis, paradise, conscious eating, vegan, raw, gourmet, cosy, organic, natural, fresh, and bamboo all amongst a tropical breeze. If you are already a vegetarian or looking to expand your horizons into discovering the wealth of variety and deliciousness vegetarian eating offers, Bali is definitely the place to go!

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