10 Travel Apps that you Should Use in Asia

Mobile apps today are revolutionizing the world of travel guidebooks and the internet. They are handy, easily accessible and provide short descriptions of whatever it is you’re looking for, without having to scroll for information. So whether you’re a first time or seasoned traveller, here are some mobile apps you simply must get before your trip to Asia. Psst! If you get to the end, there’s a little bonus app you just might want to download. Read on!

  1. Findery – Share the places you love and explore the world

Share the places you love and explore the world with Findery
Share the places you love and explore the world with Findery

Ever gone to a place and wanted to jot down the memory as a keepsake about your time here? With the app, Findery, that’s made possible! You won’t just be able to leave “digital notes” about a place, but you’ll be able to see other people’s memories and stories too. Plus you can add videos, photos or music clips to your note to make it that much more memorable. This is an interactive hybrid app that mimics geocaching and social network. So you can create a profile of your own to follow Findery friends, or scan the globe solo.

This app works perfect when combined with your eOasia tours, as you can jot down memos of all the places your guide takes you to – so other travellers can read your suggestions. Plus, when your tour is done, you can pop open the in-built map, to checkout notes of nearby areas that travellers have left behind – just ask your tour guide about those places first. In addition, if you turn on notifications on this app, you’ll receive an alert every time you walk past a note. You’ll be glad to know that this app is available in 10 languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Which means users can enter notes in any of these languages, and it can be translated!

*Available at Google Play and iTunes store.

  1. Hopper – When to fly and buy

Score the lowest fares with Hopper
Hopper – Score the lowest fares

As a traveller, most of us are looking to get a bang for our buck on air tickets. And we’ve all heard rumours that flight prices are cheapest around 45 days before your date of departure. But there are other rumours that state it’s 2 months prior, while others that say it’s 3 months. So when is the best time to book air tickets? Your answer lies in downloading the Hopper mobile app (designed mainly for iPhones). This life-saver app analyses millions of flight prices daily, and advices you about how flight prices will change so you can buy the cheapest ticket. Not only does Hopper constantly monitor prices, but it also predicts exactly when and by how much these prices will rise and fall. That’s pretty neat! The only down-side to this app is that you can’t purchase tickets from here.

*Available at Google Play and iTunes store.

  1. TripIt – All your travel plans, in one place

TripIt - All your travel plans, in one place
TripIt – All your travel plans, in one place

Simply think of TripIt as your personal assistant; complete any booking and this mobile app will manage them. All your travel confirmations, itineraries, tickets, car rental, hotel bookings, and much more can be accessed from one simple window. This means that you can check all your bookings anytime, anywhere – even offline – and you don’t have to go through the trouble of rummaging through emails.

What makes this app so convenient for travellers is that you can sync it to your Google calendar, and allow it to push your travel confirmations to TripIt for alerts. So check for that flight number, hotel address, or confirmation number on the go. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails once you’ve booked it, to plans@tripit.com, and the app combines this information into itineraries. Perfect for when you’re backpacking around Asia and to keep track of any eOasia tours you’re about to embark on! Plus, if you’re a frequent traveller, consider getting TripIt Pro ($49/year) to gain access to real-time flight alerts, seat trackers, refund notifications, and much more!

*Available at Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft, and Blackberry store.

  1. Travel Pocket – Track your money travelling

Travel Pocket - your personal trip expense tracker
Travel Pocket – Your personal trip expense tracker

This app is not just useful in Asia but the rest of the world. Acting like a currency converter, you won’t ever have to use a calculator to convert currencies whilst overseas. This doubles up as an expense tracker so you’re updated on how much you’ve been spending on your great Asian holiday! Spend money by typing a sum that’s converted to your country’s rate, and then keep a log of how much you spend, and on what by dividing it into various categories (such as food, travel etc). At the end of your trip, you can refer to this app to reveal which country’s visit hurt your pocket the most, and which one cost you the least amount of money. In addition, you can get all this information in a spreadsheet by clicking “Export,” so all the data is ready to be emailed to you for further analysis.

*Available at iTunes store. Android equivalent of this app is TrabeePocket, and is available at Google Play stores.

  1. The Converted – Convert to a new way of converting

The Converted - Convert to a new way of converting
The Converted – Convert to a new way of converting

As the name suggests, this app is used for conversion of measurement. It’s a useful app for visitors coming to Asia, as various countries use various units. The main view is divided vertically from the centre, while the left and right sides have corresponding units of measurements. There are over 200 units, 165 currencies, and 52 other units that include weight, temperature, speed etc. All to make your travelling in Asia just that much more convenient!

*Available at iTunes store.

  1. Rome2Rio – Discover how to get anywhere

Rome2Rio - Discover how to get anywhere
Rome2Rio – We will show you the way

An integral part of travelling is figuring out how to get from point A to point B. To lay all your worries to rest, this is one app everyone should consider downloading. Rome2Rio, started by two Microsoft engineers, helps you plan your route by providing several options on how to get to your destination. This app is highly recommended in Asia to avoid the several infamous scams in certain cities, especially tourist infested places like Bali and Phuket. Simply key in your start and end point, and the app will guide you, from taking the local transportation, to stating prices of each transport you may take, to booking tickets to your destination. This app is especially useful then you’re touring more than one country in Asia. For instance, if you’re visiting Singapore and are going to Bali, this app suggests you take the MRT (train) to Changi Airport, select a flight from the options provided (and book it), then take the ferry or car transportation to your end point in Bali! It’s that detailed.

*Available at iTunes store.

  1. Open Signal – Find the best network around you

Open Signal - Take control of your signal
Open Signal – Take control of your signal

We’ve all done that thing, where once we land in an airport we switch on our phones and try to connect to the free airport Wi-Fi. While that’s well and good, don’t forget once you leave the airport, there will be no Wi-Fi! This is why you should get the app, Open Signal, when you’re planning your trip to Asia. This app uses a compass to point users in the direction of stronger phone signals, displays Wi-Fi networks, and measures signal strength among several other functions. What’s even better is that this app even shows you on a map, the area coverage and speed of local cellular carriers – the deeper and larger the red area on your screen, the better the carrier’s signal is. This information can help you determine what local SIM-Card you should buy, in case you’re planning on doing so. Plus, no matter where you are, Open Signal helps you keep track of your monthly data usage (so you don’t over exceed) and determines how your network has worked for you (so you can decide to chuck or keep the carrier).

*Available at Google Play and iTunes store.

  1. City Maps 2Go – Use offline travel maps

CityMaps2Go - Offline Map and Travel Guide
CityMaps2Go – Offline Map and Travel Guide

Most touristy parts of Asia are about the rustic buildings, temples, picturesque scenery, and street-markets. While it’s easy to get lost in the beauty and magnificence of these places, it’s also easy to literally get lost. It’s impractical to assume all these historic buildings are fitted with Wi-Fi, so you can forget trying to map your way back to civilization. At times like this, CitMaps2GoOffline, can offer some comfort, and guide you back on track. That’s because this is a map that doesn’t require Wi-Fi, and can practically navigate you anywhere around the globe. All you have to do is download this app – using Wi-Fi, so plan ahead accordingly – and get set to where ever you want without worrying about losing your way. You can save places you want to visit, pin places such as your hotel, and search for places, all while being offline and avoiding data usage.

*Available at Google Play and iTunes store.

  1. Field Trip – Find cool, hidden, and unique things around you

FieldTrip - It's your world, explore it !
FieldTrip – It’s your world, explore it !

This app shall give you the lowdown on the niftiest places in town. All you have to do is download Field Trip, set your notifications to how frequent you want to receive information snippets and viola! Once you do that, the app will be running in the background of your phone, and every time you pass by an interesting place, a pop-up notification will provide you with pictures and information about it. This app works well if you’re on any eOasia tour, as you can review other people’s experience in those places and leave info bits for other travellers like yourself. Else, simply walk around and chance upon hidden gems!

*Available at Google Play and iTunes store.

  1. Waze – Get the best route, every day

Waze - Get the best route, every day.
Waze – Get the best route, every day.

If there’s anything you need to know about Asia, is that some of the countries either have terrible traffic or bad road conditions. This is perhaps why they say if you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere in the world. And don’t even get started on Jakarta’s traffic – you could fall asleep in a taxi, wake up and still be stuck in traffic. To avoid wasting precious time on your trip, simply download Waze to get traffic flow updates. This app shares real-time traffic and road updates, so you can save time, gas, and money. Plus, you can contribute too by reporting accidents, road closures, police traps, and any other hazards you may come across. With this app you can also find the cheapest gas station along your journey, and be rerouted to a convenient route to your destination.

*Available at Google Play and iTunes store.

Bonus app: L-Lingo – Learn a new language

L_lingo - Learn a new language in no time !
L_lingo – Learn a new language in no time !

There’s no better way to pick up a language than the comfort of your phone. It’s cost-effective, no commitment to time, and available at your convenience. For first-time travellers, Bahasa Melayu (goes by several titles such as Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malay, and Indonesian Malay) is the official language of Indonesia, but can somewhat be understood by the Malaysians. This beautiful country is home to some of the best beaches in Asia, and is famous for the touristy spot – Bali. You most definitely want to learn this language to get the best prices and bargains on pristine beaches, water sports, heavenly massages, and a plethora of bliss.


Hope this article will make your travel smoother. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite travel apps below.

Happy & safe journey !


By Rachel Erasmus

Chiang Mai eoasia

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