Dive in Tulamben Bay at the fantastic Liberty Shipwreck and enjoy also superb opportunities for underwater photography. Visit the Blue Lagoon for weird muck diving critters. Plan to dive at Nusa Penida for Manta Rays and Mola Mola ocean sunfish.

Or combine all these into a customized Bali Dive Safari.

Kraus. Amed
Kraus. Amed

This week we have met and interviewed Manon, a dive travel consultant of one of the most reputed diving operators in Bali. She gives us here her perception of the diving activity in the island of the gods.

Welcome to Nemo’s world!

Bogard. Tulamben Bay
Bogard. Tulamben Bay

What is in your opinion the best Dive Site in Bali?

Tulamben has become Bali’s most famous diving area and therefore where you are most likely to meet internationally recognized underwater photographers and writers. Tulamben Bay, like the rest of Bali, is situated in the richest marine biogeographic zone in the world. Being on the northeast coast, the bay receives very plankton-rich waters from the major ocean current that comes from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. Coupled with the fact that the three main dive sites (Liberty Shipwreck, Drop off and Coral Garden) provide totally different physical environments, hence Tulamben proposes to its visitors a stunningly diverse underwater ecosystem.

Bogard. Tulamben Bay.
Bogard. Tulamben Bay.

The beach is fist-sized black volcanic rocks that become sand in the shallows. The hundreds of macro-species that live here both blend and contrast beautifully with the sand.

Tulamben is a wonderful place to learn to dive and to learn about underwater life.

You are offering Dive Safaris : Can you explain to us this concept?

A Dive Safari is a package including diving and accommodation. It is a great way to see more of Bali, visit several sites and cut down on travelling time. Because you are staying near the dive sites you can enjoy early and late dives. You may experience different marine life and lighting, as well as the opportunity to do more dives per day at the shore entry locations. We can organize Safaris to suit all personal requirements, locations, duration, private guiding… We are very flexible.

Dave Baker. Biaha
Dave Baker. Biaha

Our top product is our very Best of Bali Dive Safaris:

  • 13 Days/12 Nights/27 Dives (including 2 Night Dives) at 7 different dive locations: Menjangan Island, Puri Jati, Tulamben Bay, USAT Liberty Shipwreck, Biaha and Mimpang/Tepekong , Nusa Penida and Gili Selang ( / Half-board / Traditional Indonesian Rijstafle Dinner / Barbeque Lunch / Airport Transfers. With this safari circling the island you will experience the largest diversity of dives; walls, slopes, wrecks, reefs, drifts…


  • 8 Days/7 Nights/15 Dives (including 1 Night Dive) at 3 different dive locations: Menjangan Island, Secret Bay and Tulamben Bay / Half-board / Traditional Indonesian Rijstafle Dinner / Airport Transfers. This northern of Bali dive safari offers prolific fish life diving at walls with great visibility and muck sites for critters discovery. Enjoy both boat and shore dives encompassing a wide variety of dives.
  • 7 Days/6 Nights/11 Dives at 5 different dive locations: Amed, Nusa Penida, Padangbai, Blue Lagoon and Gili Selang / Half-board / 1 Optional (free) Night Dive / Barbeque Lunch / Airport Transfers. At these sites you’ll see fantastic hard and soft corals, great density and diversity of marinelife from large pelagics such as Manta rays and Mola-Mola in season, to the tiniest juveniles and pygmy seahorses.
Amed Coastal Road - Bali - eOasia 1570
Amed Coastal Road – Bali – eOasia

How would you describe your dive center?

Our Dive Center is British owned and has been operating in Bali since 1999. We consider ourselves as a small company and focus on the quality not the the quantity. We want to treat people as people and not as numbers. Bali is a great place and the diving here is phenomenal; it is a shame that some people who come here to dive are put onto a Production Line. We cater to individuals and groups and are able to provide customised programmes.  We can combine diving and non-diving activities, offering short or long programmes, according to your interests and preferences. We are located in Seminyak (an area popular with westerners who live here) in the southwest of Bali just north of Kuta (young, backpackers) and within 30 minutes of the two other main tourist areas of Nusa Dua (5* hotels) and Sanur (more popular with middle-aged Europeans).


We use Oceanic and Aqualung equipment, ScubaPro wetsuits (very comfortable) and a Bauer Mariner compressor.

Currently, all our dive guides are Indonesian and speak English and Japanese. They have all either been trained by our qualified instructors and know every Bali Dive Site like the back of their hands, and we take pride in the level of customer service that we offer.

Mimpi Menjangan 4
Mimpi Menjangan

We are also very engaged in sustainable tourism, we support programs beneficial to the environment such as ecological clean-ups, public environmental education programs and research. And we proudly support our also launched our latest project/ initiative to re-invest into Bali’s dive community with our yearly PADI Divemaster Internship for Indonesian Citizens, and give them a chance to a new career opportunity.


By Soukaina.

Chiang Mai eoasia

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  1. great post. This information is very important for an amateur diver like me. Dive safari was very enjoyable. because it will see a wide variety of marine life that is extraordinary. The place you show seems excellent diving spots. of course, to do a dive safari will take a dive center that can provide good guidelines for the conduct of diving safari. Nice share.

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