5 Unique Ideas for Travel in Asia with Dad

Fathers are notoriously hard to buy for which means we usually just opt in for the sock and tie approach. Why not surprise him with something different this year and book travel in Asia with Dad? Traveling with a parent can be one of the most rewarding gifts that lasts a lifetime. We’ve gathered 5 unique activities that you both will love while traveling around Asia. Check out our unique Father’s Day ideas and create a holiday with Dad that you will remember forever!

Travel in Asia with Dad Tip 1: Make Tropical Cocktails at a Rum Distillery in Phuket

Picking up a new skill at a mojito workshop and rum distillery tour in Phuket is definitely something you both can take back home to impress Mum. Taste test some of the most delicious cocktails and experience mixing aromas to create a personalised bottle for your family to enjoy. Sit back and sip on your masterpiece surrounded by lush greenery and warming afternoon sun that’s sure to relax even the toughest of dads.

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Discover Rhum Distillery in Bali
Discover Rhum Distillery in Bali

Travel in Asia with Dad Tip 2: Ride off the Beaten Tracks in Shanghai City on a Vintage Sidecar

Feel the excitement and vibrant city streets of Shanghai city by taking a vintage sidecar motorbike ride with your parent as a companion. Take turns in racing through the beaten tracks and discover the fascinating local culture. Hop on and off your private vehicle to explore the city at your own pace. Opt in for a GoPro footage to document your cool ride against the contrasting scenery of Shanghai.

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5 unique activities to do with your dad on holiday in Asia that you’ll remember forever
Throw your cares to the wind in a vintage sidecar with Dad!

Travel in Asia with Dad Tip 3: Trek up Holy Mount Agung

One of the best and most fun bonding activities for families Bali has to offer is the trek up Holy Mount Agung. Experience an incredible trek with your loved ones and be stunned by the magical sunrise upon reaching the summit. Bring out the curious explorer inside your ol’ man and begin to unveil the stunning surroundings as you ascend up one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist attractions.

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Take a sacred hike with Dad
Take a sacred hike with Dad

Travel in Asia with Dad Tip 4: Experience the Magic of Bathing Elephants Up Close in Bali

Bath and breakfast with elephants around Ubud gives you an up close and personal experience with these incredible animals in their natural habitat. Bring your family together by connecting with nature and interacting with these wonderfully mindful creatures in a playful setting. Splash, spray and soak elephants or even each other! You will get wet and dirty but you’ll laugh twice as much. Bring out the child in one another, most importantly, get messy and have some fun.

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Travel in Asia with Dad
Connecting with majestic animals is a family bonding experience

Travel in Asia with Dad Tip 5: Take a Thrilling Harley Davidson Ride Across Cambodia

Let your Father in on a action-packed weekend of motorbiking and exploration of the Khmer culture. Take a step out into the wild side to embrace the surrounding beauty of Cambodia; an environment that should be experienced with the rush and excitement that comes with a private Harley Davidson coastal tour around Phnom Penh adventure. Remind your pap how cool he still is on this limitless trip. You can just imagine the surprised look on his friends when he tells them about this 2 days and one night hair-raising expedition. 

With all these ideas to do with Dad, why not leave the norm behind and dive into a pool of possibilities?

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Travel in Asia with Dad
Adrenaline pumping fun with Dad in Cambodia

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