Bali, the “Island of the Gods”, is your perfect romantic island getaway. There are indeed sweeping white sand beaches, secluded and intimate dining places, and affordable, quality massages on offer. The island is also home to an ancient and intricate culture, as well as opportunities for unique adventure to be found nowhere else. Our top 5 romantic activities in Bali might surprise you, and they are sure to give you with a unique and romantic holiday beyond your wildest dreams! Read on to discover 5 of the most romantic activities to experience in Bali and decide which one is right for you!

1. Court your Loved One in the Picturesque Village of Sideman with a Romantic Spa Treatment

5 of the most Romantic Activities to Experience in Bali
Romance Spa Treatment in Sideman

For the ultimate dinner filled with charm along with a decadent spa treatment look no further than the Romantic Dinner in the heart of Sideman combined with a special romance spa treatment. Dine in a high class hotel with breathtaking views of Mount Agung in the forested and terraced village of Sideman. After being served a delicious welcome drink, you may choose to cool off in the spectacular pool or take a stroll through the enchanting hotel grounds, built on the slopes of Mount Agung itself. An evening of romance begins with a one hour traditional Balinese massage, followed by a delightfully warm bath, strewn with colorful flower petals. Next you will move to the gardens, where your very own candled cocoon awaits, an intimate and warm atmosphere from which to enjoy a decadent meal complete with a bottle of wine.

2. Get back to Nature with Style

5 of the most Romantic Activities to Experience in Bali
Glamping in Bali

Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’ sounds like an innate contradiction, but experiencing nature in ultimate luxury is one of the most romantic ways to spend quality time with your partner. Glamping in a luxury tent and sleeping while serenaded by the sounds of the night, will bring you to feel as though you are in the wilds yet surrounded by comfort and soft lighting. Your tent even comes with its own private pool! The opulent experience includes room service (or luxury tent service shall we say), a sumptuous breakfast, and afternoon tea as well as modern conveniences such as an ipod docking station with speakers, a ceiling fan, wifi access, and even a hairdryer! There something about being in the cosiness of a a beautiful structure in nature that evokes seduction and sweetness. Sound unusual? Try it for yourself and you shall see what we are talking about!

3. Experience Bali of the Past on a Romantic Getaway to Nusa Lembongan

Explore the nature of this quiet tropical island & the world beneath the sea of Lembongan Island
Explore the nature of this quiet tropical island & the world beneath the sea of Lembongan Island

Visiting Lembongan Island is a bit like stepping into the Bali of years long gone, and the island, by its very nature creates an innately romantic ambience. If exploring the sea isn’t your thing, you may also exploring the island with a day tour: intimate exploration of mangroves, a unique underground house, the traditional seaweed farms, and breathtaking beaches. You may also choose to visit local villages and craft markets. The majority of the local population subsists from seaweed farming, and the seaweed farms themselves create a rather beautiful mozaic. Water sports such as snorkeling, diving, and surfing are also a fabulous way to explore the island. You can even embark on a free donut or banana boat ride and laugh your way to amorous bliss!

4. Have a Sunrise Breakfast and enjoy a hot air balloon flight in the middle of the rice fields

Sunrise Breakfast and Hot Air Balloon in Ubud
Sunrise Breakfast and Hot Air Balloon in Ubud

Combining adventure and romance in Ubud and discover panoramas of the lush tropical forests of Ubud to holy Mount Agung on the eastern horizon with this mesmerizing experience. This hot air balloon experience also includes breakfast before or after the balloon adventure, tea and treats with the afternoon flights and dinner for our evening adventurers. There will also be opportunities for gentle walks through the rice paddies, and chats with local farmers.. If you want to surprise your love with an unusual ‘date’, this is it!

5. Treat your Sweetheart to a Chocolate indulgance Spa Package

5 of the most Romantic Activities to Experience in Bali
Chocolate Indulgence Spa Package


Many ancient traditions have long observed that love and chocolate go hand in hand. The Chocolate Indulgance Spa Package nearly speaks for itself, nevertheless, we shall elaborate. Since Aztec times, chocolate has been revered as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Your luscious treatment will begin with a relaxing massage to prepare you for the one and only chocolicious almond scrub. The chocolate serves as a delectable skin softener, rich in antioxidants, and nourishes the skin, leaving you with a silky feeling and youthful appearance. The almond is full of nutrients to treat and buff sensitive skin. A chocolate blend with honey will seal in all that goodness before the ultimate relaxing finale of a flower and milk bath.

There are few places on the Earth where you may choose from luscious chocolate treatments, visits to island villages, hidden waterfalls, and glamping as the multitude of ways to woo your loved one. The only challenge is to choose which romantic experience is right for you!


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