When it comes to coffee talk, Indonesia is one country that does it very seriously. Indonesia has a rich and long-standing coffee culture with its array of top-notch coffee beans scattered from the East to West.

Before coming to Jakarta, I was aware of Indonesia’s reputation as the 3rd largest producer of coffee worldwide, and also one of the best places in Asia to enjoy a cup of coffee. Additionally, I was told about the rise of coffee shops in Jakarta and I have to admit that I have been amazed by the artisan cafes I have discovered there, each of them being uniquely sophisticated with their coffee techniques and recipes.

We have decided to pick for you the 5 cafés which shouldn’t be missed while you’re Jakarta, be it to fuel your coffee affair, to hang out with friends, or even as a comfortable place to hold your business meetings.

5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta
5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta.
  1. Common Ground

This cozy café is comfortably tucked in the corner of Citywalk mall. Common Ground has been set-up by the big names in Indonesia’s baristas community; Mr Yoshua Tanu and Mr Iwan Irawan. These men are the champions in the Indonesia Barista Championship (IBC) and Indonesia’s Latte Art Championship in 2014 respectively. Their backgrounds alone are testaments to how seriously this café handles their coffee.

The café is vintagely decorated with hints of the 1920s American era influence. I took a seat by the bar and observed the impressive baristas at work, while sipping one of the best flat white in town.

Other notable offer by Common Grounds is their brunch, which is inspired by fusion of Asian and Western dish. I had the “Huevos Ranchitos con Rendang”, a perfect culinary combination between Indonesian and Mexican dish. After such a satisfying caffeine and gastronomic experience, it is difficult not to fall in love with this place. A definite must-try for coffee lovers!

5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta
5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta. Common Grounds.
  1. Tanamera Coffee

Tanamera Coffee is a serious contender in the world of gourmet coffee. Hidden in the middle of the vibrant city centre, the decoration is dark and hip which contributes to the very chill atmosphere that greets you as you enter.

Do have a chat with Aga, the famous and friendly local barista, who will teach you some of his coffee brewing secrets.

In the middle of the café, you’ll get to observe the coffee roasters concocting their secret alchemy or how to turn green beans into brown.

This place is all about coffee culture and Indonesian coffee beans. They are real expert mastering the art of coffee, they actually started as a coffee roaster before opening to the public. Today, their success is such that they also teach coffee classes, among them brewery lessons, espresso basics, and latte art. You can book it following this link. 

5 Coffee shops you must vsit in Jakarta
5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta. Courtesy of Tanamera
  1. A bunch of Caffeine Dealers (ABCD)

Located in the middle of the local market Pasar Santa – South Jakarta, your visit to this coffee shop will also be a cultural one. Set up by a World Barista Judge, whose idea of opening this gem of a coffee shop was purely driven by his passion.

Despite its unlikely place, you will find long queues of people even before opening time, all waiting eagerly for ABCD’s quality coffee. Do note that the place has no fixed schedules for opening and closing, but their Instagram’s is constantly updated to ensure that their customers are aware of their opening times. Also, you will be the one deciding of how much your cup of coffee worth since there are no fixed prices either.

This is an unique cultural experience in Jakarta, different from all other coffee shops you will visit. Highly recommended!

5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta
5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta. ABCD Coffee Courtesy
  1. One Fifteen – fine-tuned blends

One Fifteen is probably the most well known coffee shop in Jakarta, also located in South Jakarta.

A must try for coffee lovers, this local gem prides in their 1/15 blend, which is their coffee-to-water ratio, thus contributing to the café’s name. The resulting brew has a chocolate and nutty overtone, unique and so delicious.

The ambiance of the place is also very welcoming and peaceful, with high ceilings and large windows enclosing the cozy interiors. This is the perfect place to escape from the busy city of Jakarta, and enjoy a quiet gathering with your friends over specialty coffees.

Do give a shot at their Tasting Flight menu, where caffeine addicts will get the opportunity to try coffees from different origins.

5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta
5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta. Courtesy of One Fifteen.
  1. Crematology coffee roasters

If those little coffee shops were not enough for you, Crematology offers a spacious place with a minimalist Alaskan designed interior.

The very knowledgeable baristas, also coffee mixologists, will offer you the opportunity to taste some of their delicious mix, such as their Nutella frappe or their unique green tea latte.

This is the place for those looking for a creamy cuppa, or interested in treating your palate to new flavours while chilling out in this comfortable place to spend a relax afternoon.

5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta
5 Coffee shops you must visit in Jakarta. Courtesy of Crematology.

This shortlist of coffee shops is according to us the best way to start your coffee tour around Jakarta. Do not forget to talk to the baristas and learn more about Jakarta’s coffee obsession.


By Uriel.

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