5 Best Trekking Experiences in Bali

A land of towering volcanoes, lush rainforests, and meandering rivers, the island of Bali is full of exotic and breathtaking trekking opportunities. Accentuated by a truly unique culture and spirituality, the land itself is powerful. By exploring the 5 best trekking experiences in Bali, not only will you experience physical exercise with panoramic views and amazing images to take home, but the spirit of the land will leave a lifelong impression on your soul if you are open to feeling it.

Trekking Bali
Sunrise atop Mount Batur

Best Trek in Bali # 1 – Mt. Batur

The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is a cornerstone experience for any traveller in Bali. An active volcano, Mount Batur is sacred to the Balinese and sits at 1717m above sea level. During your hike which departs at 3am, you will witness the transition from a star filled night to dawn’s break at the peak, where the curtain of night lifts to reveal breathtaking views over the caldera’s lake and Mount Rinjani in the distance. After your descent, soothe your muscles with a soak in a natural hot spring and enjoy a delightful brunch. The experience is mystical and an epic adventure not to be missed!

Trekking Bali
Sunrise over the Mt Batur

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Best Trek in Bali #2 – Trekking and Canyoning in Sambangan

Trekking and Canyoning in Sambangan, located in Northern Bali, is full of staggering waterfalls and a unique place where cultural, spiritual, and natural worlds merge. Alongside a visit to four refreshing waterfalls, your adventure will also meander through rice paddies and farming of crops such as coffee, cocoa, palm sugar, jackfruit, and bananas. A luxuriant rest at the “secret natural swimming pool” accompanied by fresh tropical fruits, provides a dreamy break from the hike, and at the end your efforts will be rewarded with a delicious lunch.

Trekking Bali
Trekking and Canyoning in Sambangan

Best Trek in Bali #3 – 1 Day North Bali Appreciation Tour

For an even deeper immersion into this region, try the 1 day North Bali appreciation tour which begins with a sunrise atop Kintamani. Watch the horizon move through shades of crimson as the clouds circling Mount Batur rise like feathery wisps at day break. Next, you will take a leisurely stroll through the rice paddies of Singaraja, and if you are up for more physical exertion, you are welcome to assist the local farmers in plowing the land with buffalo! The highlight of this tour is most surely the hidden gem of Sekumpul waterfall, unique in that it is not just one waterfall but seven, all cascading over the top of a jungle filled ravine, like a scene out of the Jurassic era.

Trekking Bali
Sekumpug Waterfall in Northern Bali

Best Trek in Bali #4 – Mt. Agung Sunrise Trek

Mount Agung, the highest point on the island, is believed by the Balinese to be a replica of Mount Meru, the central axis of the universe. It is home to Pura Besakih, the most important temple of Bali. Trekking Mount Agung is challenging but well worth the 12-hour trek that begins at Pura Besakih. You can also shorten the duration by leaving from Pasar Agung Temple and both options lead you to the summit where sunrise and views of Mount Rinjani will quite literally take your breath away.

Trekking Bali
Sunrise at the top of Mount Agung – Photo Credit to Flickr user: Roberto Trombetta

Best Trek in Bali #5 – Old Nature Cave Trekking

The Old Nature cave trekking adventure begins in the famous “Sangeh Monkey Forest” where you are guaranteed to see monkeys! Next you will meander through the rice paddies and witness traditional Balinese life. After exploring the old nature cave and hiking along the beautiful Penet River Valley, you will enjoy a well deserved refreshment and venture into a traditional Balinese village to learn how to plait pandan mat, a special skill to take home with you!

Trekking Bali
Old nature cave trekking

Although Bali is a tropical island with a similar ecosystem to many others across the Earth, it is the culture and history of spiritual reverence the truly makes hiking in Bali come alive to a depth of experience like nowhere else on Earth. So grab your camera and hiking boots, open your heart and senses, and prepare for a journey like no other as you venture into the 5 best trekking experiences of Bali!

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