The island of Bali may not strike you as a place known for adrenaline pumping experiences, however, you might be surprised at how many heart pounding adventures are on offer in this Hindu island rich in culture. Choose from these exciting ways to explore the ocean, a towering volcano, river canyons, savage jungle, and of course the vast island sky and don’t forget to breathe!

1. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding in Bali
Wakeboarding in Bali

A combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, wakeboarding is a unique sport in which you an perform endless acrobatic techniques on a small, wide board flying through the air while being towed by a motor boat. Bali’s only wakeboard park offers an innovate way to have the experience with full sized cable systems built around a 5 hectare lake!  Professional instructors are on hand to show you stylish new tricks, and the venue is equipped with a pool, making it the perfect venue for the whole family to relax while you soar and spin through the air. This half day wakeboarding experience is four hours long and is a great way to experience the rush of an unusual sport. To refine your skills even further, try the full day wakeboarding tour.

2. Aquatic Canyoning in Kerenkali

Aquatic Canyoning
Aquatic Canyoning in Kerenkali

Kerenkali, an extension of the Kalimudah canyon is the ultimate place for an Aquatic Canyoning adventure . Beginning with a sequence of jumps, water slides, short rappels through gorges made of volcanic rock, caves, and a unique sulphurate water basin, you will not believe your eyes at the scenery. Plus it’s not over yet as the tour ends with a sportier rappel descents along high waterfalls, swim jumps, and floating weightlessly in the refreshing waters. Perfect for beginners, this adventure is a balanced mix of enchanting landscapes, extreme fun, and jaw-dropping thrills. There will be plenty of time to catch your breath, and you will also enjoy a delicious Balinese lunch mid-way through the canyon.

3. Paragliding in Bali

Paragliding in Bali
Paragliding in Bali

Ever yearned for a bird’s eye view of Bali? Well, now you can soar above all the action and get memorable images of a once in a lifetime Paragliding in Bali experience. Imagine this, the sun is setting in crimson shades before you and the blue green sea stretches into a vast expanse beneath you, and the wind cradles you as you look down at a miniature world. Accompanied by the safety of professionals, the feeling of flying will no doubt leave butterflies in your tummy and a yearning for more!

4. Mount Batur Downhill Cycling and Whitewater Rafting

Downhill Cycling Mount Batur
Mount Batur

A trip to Bali is not complete without a trip to it’s most famous volcano, but rather than the usual (and lets be honest, somewhat boring) turtle pace trek up a well paved path, why not experience the beauty and vistas at top speed and combine it with some freshwater fun by joining a Mount Batur downhill cycling and white water rafting tour! The day begins with breakfast overlooking breathtaking views of the Active Mount Batur and its surrounding lake. Nothing beats the rush of downhill cycling on a beautiful day through stunning scenery, followed by the tranquil backroads of the Balinese countryside, where you will visit a woodcarving workshop, temples, a coffee plantation, and the famed rice paddies. Well earned breaks along the way will include local fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas to fuel your body for the afternoon excitement of whitewater rafting on the beautiful and ideally turbulent Ayung River.

Whitewater rafting on Ayung River
Whitewater rafting on Ayung River

5. Jungle Jeep Adventure Tour

Jungle Jeep Tour in Bali
Jungle Jeep Tour in Bali

Reminiscent of a scene out of Indiana Jones, a Jungle Jeep Adventure Tour takes you far from the crowds and into an experience of the ‘real Bali’, with a guide bountiful in local knowledge and in the rugged style of a four wheel drive. Making your way along the back roads, where authentic Balinese life unfolds, you will first arrive at Besi Kalung Temple, the departure point for the Jatiluwih terraced rice fields, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A one hour trek through the spectacular terraces will expose you to traditional farming with buffalo and an insider’s understanding of how rice is grown and harvested. The next stop is nothing short of divine! A soak in Angseri volcanic hot spring, one of the hottest in Bali, at the foot of Mount Batukaru and surrounded by bamboo forest is magical. You will be served a traditional Indonesian lunch at Bedugul and then continue the four wheel drive adventure through the tropical rainforest.

If you are looking to get your heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing through your body, Bali is the perfect place to do so, from paragliding, wakeboarding, whitewater rafting, canyoning, and romping around the jungle in a jeep. The best part is that after all that excitement, you can treat yourself to the spa and relax those muscles with a Balinese massage!

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