10 Of Chiang Mai’s Best Coffee Shops

There are so many cafes in Chiang Mai that they are now considered part of the Chiang Mai’s culture. Students from the university use them as a space to study and meet friends, digital nomads (people who work online) use cafes as offices and tourists visiting Chiang Mai find a brief relief from the heat, a place to sit and plan their next activity or destination and fuel in the form of coffee to give them energy for their adventures. You are never far away from a cafe in Chiang Mai, but if you are a coffee lover then check out these 10 amazing cafes!

Best Coffee Shop Chiang Mai
Asama Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #1:  Doppio Ristr8tto

Doppio Ristr8tto always wins first place for the best coffee shop in Chiang Mai, partly because of the knowledge and all the hard work that is put into making a good coffee, and partly because everything on the menu tastes amazing! Doppio Ristr8tto offers a range of the best coffee options, including coffee cocktails, and won awards for their latte art, so for the perfect cup of coffee order their flat white.

Address: 15/3 Nimmanhemin Road

Website: www.ristr8to-coffee-chiangmai.com

Chiang Mai Coffee Shops
Ristr8to Coffee Shop, in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #2:  Overstand

Open for little over a year Overstand has fast become the best cafe to head to for breakfast and coffee. Owned by an Australian barista, all the items on the menu are made with precision and perfection. The ingredients are sourced locally and fresh to ensure your breakfast, brunch or lunch consists of the perfect eggs, bread and bacon! Overstand is open 8am until 2pm except on Tuesdays.

Address: 19/3 Rachamanka soi 2 (close to Thapae gate)

Website: http://www.overstand.co.th/

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop
Brunch at Overstand Coffee – Photo Credit to Paperplanesblog’Instagram

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #3:  Akha Ama Cafe

Akha Ama Cafe is loved by everyone in Chiang Mai. It started back in 2011 by Lee Ayu as a way to bring a sustainable income to the small Akha village Ayu comes from. Fast forward four years later and his two cafes supply Chiang Mai with some of the finest local Thai beans and the Akha village has a secure income that allows them to look after the land and the community in a regenerative way. Every time you buy a coffee at Akha Ama you are contributing to their social enterprise and making the world a better place, one village at a time.

Address:  9/1 Mata Apartment, Hussadhisewee road soi 3, Chang Phuak

Website: www.akhaama.com

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shops
Akha Ama Coffee Shop, in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #4:  Asama

Located a little out of town, Asama cafe is set in a gated community of mansions. The cafe offers great views of Doi Suthep mountain and a peaceful outdoor area overlooking a small lake with lilies. As well as a beautiful setting Asama cafe also serves up one great coffee and handpicks the beans that go into her signature blend. If you want to treat yourself then order the espresso panna cotta – it’s the best coffee dessert in town.

Address:122/128 Moo. 6 Klong Cholpratarn / Chiang Mai Lakeland, Canal road

Website: www.facebook.com/AsamaCafe

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shops
Asama Coffee Shop, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #5:  Bay’s Cafe

Run by barista Bay himself, Bay’s cafe is a coffee geek’s paradise. Bay specialises in pour over, drip coffee and in taking the time to create the perfect cup time after time. The coffee here is sourced carefully and each cup is full of flavours you normally wouldn’t notice from your coffee. Bay’s cafe also shares it’s space with an amazing restaurant – Food for Thought.

Address: 15/5 Moo.1, Soi Sudjai, Canal Road

Website: www.bayscafe.com

Coffee Shops Chiang Mai
Bay’s Cafe, in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #6:  Woo Cafe and Art Gallery

Woo cafe will definitely woo you! The cafe is full of fresh flowers and comfortable chairs. The decoration makes you feel like you are in a five star hotel and the food and coffee easily match that feeling. Iced drinks come in jam jars and the cakes will make your mouth water. The attached art gallery and lifestyle shop offer some interesting Thai designs and Woo’s riverside location will leave you feeling relaxed and wanting to stay longer.

Address: 80 Charoen Rat Road

Website: www.facebook.com/Woochiangmai

Chiang Mai Coffee Shops
Woo Cafe & Art Gallery, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #7:  Fahtarra Coffee

Right next door to the exotic Fah Lanna Spa is Fahtara Coffee shop. Offering a peaceful cafe right in the centre of the old city, Fahtara coffee shop makes you feel as relaxed as if you were in the spa itself! Their menu is extensive and offers food, desserts and coffee, We recommend their signature Icepresso and then the three hour oriental massage in the neighbouring spa.

Fah Lanna Spa being one of the most popular spa in the city, we do recommend you to book in advance your spa treatment, here 🙂

Address: 57 Wiang Kaew Road, old city, Chiang Mai

Website: www.fahtara.com

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop
Fahtarra Coffee Shop, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #8:  Suan Lahu Cafe

Suan Lahu is little out of town but on the way to adventure sports in Samoeng valley. Because the cafe is situated across from the Four Seasons the standards are set high but Suan Lahu exceeds expectations. They have the best cake We’ve found in Chiang Mai, as well as perfect cappuccinos with coffee beans sourced from sustainable hill tribe Lahu farms.

Address:  68 Mu 6, Rimtai, Mae Rim

Website: www.suanlahu.org

Chiang Mai best coffee shop
Suan Lahu Coffee Shop, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #9:  Cafe de Oasis

Cafe de Oasis used to be a beautiful private house sitting at the bottom of Doi Suthep mountain. Fast forward many years and it has now been remodeled to become a beautiful cafe packed with small items showing attention to detail. Not only is the place perfect for spending a few hours reading, writing or relaxing in the fresh air, but they also have great tasting food, smoothies, cake and coffee.

Address: 202/9 Moo1, opposite Chiang Mai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Website: www.facebook.com/CafeDeOasisCM

Chiang Mai Coffee Shops
Cafe de Oasis, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shop #10:  Artisan

Tucked down a small soi in Santitham, Artisan’s decoration turned it into an instant success. Great coffee and snacks, and a European feel has made Artisan one of the most popular cafes in Chiang  Mai.

Address: Mengrairasmee Rd, Santitham,

Website: www.facebook.com/Artisan-cafe-320893348061927

Chiang Mai Best Coffee Shops
Artisan Coffee, Chiang Mai

These are ten of the best cafes in Chiang Mai but there are many more waiting to be discovered. If you are exploring the city then plan to visit these cafes, they will be a memorable part of your trip!


Article written by Laura.

Laura is one of the writers of Chiang Mai Coffee Culture Review, a coffee lover and long time resident of Chiang Mai.

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